Innovative Product


Innovative Product

Turkey needs to produce new and innovative products which are not priced by the competition mechanisms in the market. Thus she may keep herself away the middle income trap. New and innovative product development activities are granted by the public. It is because of these incentives that the ratio of R&D expenses over GDP raised from 0,88 in 2015 to 0,94 in 2016. Yet as a result of these attempts the kg price of exported goods of Turkey increased only a little bit from 1,27$ in 2016 to 1,28$ in 2017 for the first time after 4 years. This value is 3-4$/kg in the countries like South Korea and Germany. It is obvious that we have a long way to cover.

The R&D incentives of the public encourage more and more companies everyday to found R&D and Design Centers. It is important for the companies to apply for Tübitak and EC supported projects for increasing the experience and practices on Research and Development.

Feasible projects have to be turned to products and industrialized. Others have to be ceased in the very beginning and resources should not be wasted. Not only financial feasibility but also the technical and market feasibility made in the pre-project phase are important for working on productive, value added projects. In other words, the new and innovative product emergence process (NIPEP) is a process which necessitate the collaboration of all main departments. Only when these methodologies are respected, the product emerged will be different from those in the market and will be a spark for the company and gain for the country. Artesan shows companies way in their correct R&D re-structuring with its 28 years of R&D experience.

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