Attributes of the indispensable project manager


Attributes of the indispensable project manager

Ideas to help you become more successful

  • Create and nurture a vision

Create a vision for your Project of what you expect it to become; a vision requires you to know where you are going, helps you to stay on course, and allows you to know -through goals-when you have reached “success”.

  • Don’t fear failure

“Failure” is necessary in achieving those things that are important to you; the only real failures are the experiences we don’t learn from.

  • Expect and accept criticism

Never allow criticism , constructive or destructive, to negatively impact your thoughts or performance ; learn to recognize, welcome and accept criticism that has constructive merit.

  • Take risks

Taking risks is essential for you to understand your own capabilities, to reach for your vision.

  • Empower others…and yourself

Empowerment is understanding your job, taking ownership of your job and doing whatever is necessary -within legal and ethical parameters-to accomplish that job.

  • Be persistent

You can achieve almost anything you set out to make happen if you are persistent in following your goals that support your vision.

  • Eliminate worry and guilt

Learn to eliminate all worry and guilt from your life; channel your negative energy in to positive actions.

  • Be selective in solving problems

Spend most of your time energy solving those problems where you can have the most positive impact for your Project and company.

  • Drive critical problems to closure

When two involved parties are unable to agree on the resolution of a problem that, if left unresolved, has the potential to significantly impact the project, then initiate an “escalation” within two workdays of knowing the resolution of the problem is at an impasse.

  • Manage your time

How well you manage your time has a lot to do with the level of success you achieve. Set aside time in your day to readjust your thoughts so you can better control how you deal with day’s activities.

  • Be accountable for your performance

You are responsible for your performance and career-not your boss, not your company, not anyone else, not anything else.

  • Act as if it is your business

Behave in your job just as you would behave if you are running a small business…and that small business was yours.

  • Recover from setbacks

Don’t be discouraged by your setbacks. You will eventually recover.

  • Believe in yourself

You are what you perceive yourself to be; your vision of yourself becomes your reality. Believe you can make a difference.. and you will.

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