Kosgeb Supports and Incentives Consultancy

Kosgeb supports SMEs with startup, growth, r&d, industrialization, product development, marketing, clustering, export funds.  Moreover most of these funds are not supposed to be paid back.

Artesan would guide you to select the appropriate incentive programs for your enterprise and help you to apply for those programs and manage projects.

The current support programs :

A-Startup Supports

  • Fostering a startup support program

B-R&D, Technological Production and Localization Supports

  • R&D and innovation support program
  • SME technological investment support program
  • Industrialization support program
  • Strategic product support program

C- Enterprise improvement, Growth, Internationalization Supports

  • Enterprise improvement support program
  • Cooperation support program
  • SME improvement support program
  • International incubation center and accelarator support program
  • Technological product promotion and marketing support program

D-SME Finance Supports

  • Loan interest support program
  • Growing enterprises market SME support program

Call us soon, we visit you and apply to the right incentive program with you