Companies develop , manufacture products and sell them. They invest the money they won on the research activities (Market and Technology) to develop new and correct products.

It is important that the company strategies must be proactive (following the trends and position itself to develop or acquire technology) rather than being reactive (following and imitating the competition).

Technology Roadmap is a useful tool for the companies to follow scientific developments and exploit those in their operations in order to present innovative products to the target markets. Technology Roadmaps foreseeing a few years ahead (preferably 5 years) help planners to associate the output of technology projects with product projects and product Project outputs with markets (Planning pushed by technology).

On the other hand, sometimes the customer defines the product they want and the company opens a project for developing the technology that they don’t have to produce this product (Planning pulled by the market).

Technology Roadmap helps companies to make long term planning from recruiting to finance.

Additionally with the help of Technology Roadmaps the following would be possible.

  • To take position against the opportunities and competence by continiously following the ongoing scientific and technological developments as well as customer needs driven by changing social life.
  • Understanding the changing needs of customers and develop new functions to measure the reactions of customers.
  • To protect the market by developing and acquiring technology and intellectual property rights.
  • To start and continue R&D projects decisively.
  • To be selective on pursuing the scientific publications and confereneces as well as benchmarks.
  • Recruiting the right specialists (especially in R&D) to the right job.
  • To access to the right information, preserve and exploit.
  • To look for co-operations.
  • Being proactive rather than reactive.
  • To gain reflex of developing new Technologies continiously (survival reflex) due to ever shortening product life cycles.
  • A Technology Roadmap known by all functions of the company would contribute to the understanding and accountability of R&D projects.
  • The acceptance of risk and costs in R&D projectswith consensus.

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