New and Innovative Product Emergence Process foundation

2 days long New and Innovative Product Emergence (NIPEP) training or consultancy

(NPI – New Product Introduction is a synonym of New and innovative product emergence(NIPEP))

An Interdiciplinary Process Design and development training

Document management and R&D Project management training

NIPEP (New and Innovative Product Emergence Process) is a flexible methodology based on Stage and Gate approach and serves to the emergence of innovative products (pre-project and feasibility, mechanical design, industrialization) as well as basic product development projects. Gates are the milestones designed to kill non-productive projects during the pre-project stages and/or help following the actions need to be done which are necessary for each stage.

The companies which have a specific R&D project management process would find things to improve in their system by observing the new product emergence process in whole at the training and like to start working on those. On the otherhand as a result of the training, many companies would like to set up a methodology of which success is measurable and which shorten time to market, give feedbacks at the selection of the right projects to work on.

This program is a training lasts 2 days long. On the otherhand, a long term consultancy is given in order that the companies integrate this system in to their structures.