R&D and Design Centers foundation and their sustainability

Supporting the foundation of R&D and Design Centers, a service lasting 1 month long

The scope of the service of foundation of R&D and Design Centers is the following : To prepare the companies which apply to be one of the R&D or design centers subsidized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology; so that they fulfill the prerequisities set by the Ministry.

Supporting and guaranteeing the sustainability of R&D and Design Centers, a service lasting 1 year long

If you want we can be together with you as long as the duration we determine together after the foundation of R&D and/or Design Center. Thus we help you to select correct strategies coherent with your companies growth goals. 

We create a roadmap which would help us all to associate the strategies with the projects to be worked on, the personel to be recruited, the publications and conferences to be followed. Let’s restructure your R&D accounting and periodical reports with our expert staff. Would your R&D center be the cornerstone of your company for the sustainability with the added value it creates.

The measurement of R&D process performance and determination of the points need to be improved. Spanning the gaps with treining and supports.

In short, we can give this service ideally 1 year long or as much as you feel safe to master the process.