R&D Consultancy, R&D Center foundation and sustainability

Artesan as an R&D Consultancy company, with its 28 years long experience on R&D, guides companies wishing to lead research and development activities. It helps them from the selection of the innovative product idea to the industrilized product by having them re-structured and practising a methodical work and specific project management capabilities. A well defined, measurable NPI (New Product Development) methodology on which all the stakeholders agree, is of vital importance for submitting the product to the market on time from which company has high hopes.

With the disclosure of code on Research and Development numbered 5746, it is intended to improve potential of making Research and Development in Turkey and with the incentives granted, the companies venture to invest to high risk and cost R&D projects

Pillars of R&D

Without doubt, an R&D restructured in a way that it has good managed assets and resources would multiply the premiums of these earnings not only for the company but for our country as well. Therefore the strategies set forth by the companies need to have potentials to create right products to the right markets, to start research projects and to convert the outputs of these projects to products and technologies with the help of product and/or technology development projects.

Pilgrims of R&D way have to reach information,, interpret and reuse it. Therefore they have to recruit the right people. The one of the two most precious resources of R&D is human and the other is information. With the addition of methodology and finance, it would be inevitable to reach value added products.

Holistic R&D Consultancy

Artesan offers a holistic R&D coaching support. Our value proposition can be summarized as giving training and coaching services on R&D activities to those industry companies which like to develop innovative products or business models, while building their healthy new product development processes. 

Our Services

  • R&D Strategy and Management Consultancy
  • R&D Human Resources and Information Management
  • R&D and Design Centers Foundation
  • Consultancy for the sustainability of R&D Centers, process introduction, R&D accounting and trainings
  • New and innovative products emergence process introduction
  • Product and Tool design
  • Training for the R&D Speciality
  • R&D Key process indicators and measurement of process performance.

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